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Simple, flexible, compliant  accounting for your business.

Everything you need from an accountant

Self Employed

Limited Company

Property Rental

Tax Return Only

Loans & Finance

Legal & Insurance

  • Your own dedicated accountant

  • Unlimited support throughout the year via phone or email

  • We ensure you pay only the minimum amount of tax and not a penny more

  • We take care of all dealings with HMRC and file all necessary returns

  • Pay monthly by Direct Debit

Phone us today on 01229 466676 to discuss your needs

Starting a new business couldn't be easier!


As a new start up business, we want to give you the best possible chance of success in growing your business and making profit.

On average, around two thirds of all start-ups fail within their first year of business. This is a dramatic statistic and is one that Smeaton & Holmes wants to reduce.

It's an unwelcome fact that a high proportion of business failures are the result of poor financial management within the business.

This is because many business owners are so focused on selling or working for customers that equally important elements of the business, such as financial monitoring or planning, is completely ignored.

Smeaton & Holmes want to help these businesses become one of the minority and succeed in business. With a low monthly commitment there is no excuse not to employ us as your accountant.

Phone us today on 01229 466676 to discuss your needs

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About us

We are a dynamic and growing organisation whose staff combine a mix of highly-qualified accounting, taxation, and finance personnel.


Our staff are governed by the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Taxation (CTA) and the Financial Service Authority (FSA).

Collectively the team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and with our proactive approach we are in your corner.

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